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Electric TV lift - Telescopic double stage

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Body and brackets in anodized light alloy.

  • Its minimum height is less then the available stroke: the depth of the locker for the TV don't needs to exceed the chosen stroke.
  • Equipped with an encoder that allows the electronic set-up of the end of stroke positions: that avoids the need of a very precise choice of the installation height.
  • The adjustable brackets for the the TV fixing can be adapted to every type of TV thanks to the endless possibilties of configuration.
  • It's also possible to lift up to 36 cm the fixing brackets of the TV: that's useful when the depth of the locker exceed the height of the TV.
  • Supplied with a keyboard for set-up and lifting and lowering command.
  • remote control is available on request.
  • An acoustic/flashing movement warning is available on request.
  • Available for 12 or 24VDC power.