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Thrust 380 Kg

Electric strut for heavy loads - Max 380 Kg - Push only version

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Cylinder and brackets: anodized light alloy. Piston: stainless steel dia 25 mm.

  • Strut capable of a remarkable push, therefore suitable for a hard work.
  • The push only version allows to lift the struts by hand in case of lack of power or breakdown.
  • The installation as a pair is possible when the load is identical for both struts.
  • Each strut is supplied with an electronic control box with safety features.
  • To operate it's necessary a 3 positions switch, with automatic return to zero (not supplied).
  • An acoustic/flashing movement warning is available on request.
  • Available for 12 or 24VDC power.
  • Weight 5.3 Kg.
  • Cable length 1.40 m.

380 KG THRUST:  Struts designed to lift heavy loads, where the installation in pairs is impossible or the point and/or the angle of thrust are unfavorable.

ENCODER: Struts for installation in pairs, equipped with encoded electronics and control unit to obtain a perfect synchronization, even when subject to different loads. It is possible, where permitted by law, to store up to four different and independent end positions, pre-set by the user at the time of installation, selectable with just a short press of a single button. Can also be used individually when such a precise movement is required, defining a different point of start and arrival. Come with backlit push button control and programming.

Available with strokes from 50 to 1000 mm.