The antifouling paint Cuprite is the evolution of ships' paint, capable of slowing down the corrosion process of the exposed surfaces, to improve the performance and even to ensure a significant reduction of fuel consumption. The multi-year antifouling Cuprite is still the best and most practical solution for any kind of boat.Cuprite provides exceptional protection capabilities and an ease of use which responds to  the strong biocide action, which eliminate micro algae and other abrasives of all kinds. This particular antifouling has the merit of being less harmful to the marine environment than other paints. This is because it is hardly eroded by water, into the surrounding environment by reducing the diffusion of biocides substances contained.  Cuprite contains a particular epoxy resin free of solvents and mixed with copper powder.

The Cuprite advantages 

Those who do not plan to return often on the maintenance of his boat, can and must rely on Cuprite, the best choice to achieve satisfactory performance and prolonged nature. A correct application of the antifouling paint ensures a duration of over 5 years, during which will be necessary only fast cleaning operations. Cuprite does not conduct electricity because the production process is able to isolate the copper present in it. Several tests have shown compliance with Cuprite against any surface.

Application Instructions

The use of antifouling paint Cuprite does not require any special precaution . Just mixing in the right amounts of 3 products, resin, hardener and thickener  the result will be applied by hand, using a roller suitable for solvent based coatings , or by spraying with the use of equipment and the appropriate protection . The whole cycle needs the application of 2 coats of paint, which become 3 in the case of work-boats . If you have the need of operate on steel hulls , metal or aluminum, it is essential to use an insulating primer which facilitates the adhesion of the paint. The interval of time that must elapse between the application of the paint and the launching of the boat must not be shorter than 24 hours . The surfaces on which we must operate must be dry and free of dust, grease and debris. If necessary , pre-clean with a diluent